My “horse back riding” outfit…


Finally it is Friday, time to have FUN

Today I decided to wear a very neutral looking outfit. I wore this super cool brown pants that have pleated sides to them all the way down. I bought them a few months ago when shopping with my mother. They look super modern but at the same time very classic and I can wear them with almost anything. I am also wearing Michael Kors boots that I have had since forever  (about 5 years ago) and a Ralph Lauren white shirt that is so versatile! I love it because it doesn’t need ironing! It is always wrinkle free and ready to wear!  Besides it can be dressed up to look formal but I can also make it super casual like I did today….


For accessories I wore a gold necklace along with my usual name and tiffany necklace, also two bracelets and my same Victorinox watch. I am also wearing two bangle bracelets with snake texture, they are so different and curious. They were my mother’s and she gave them to me. I love this types of gifts from my mom, I love them because I feel they are so unique and no one really owns them besides me…. My outfit today emerged unexpected questions from many. I was asked if I was going horseback riding… I was totally shocked and laughed while admitting I wasn’t going horseback riding, it was more like car riding. hahaha… I took that comment actually as a compliment because I love how horseback riders dress. They always look so formal and polished, super chic. That person who asked me if I was going horseback riding probably thought that I was a very informal horse back rider, my shirt wasn’t tucked in, I had no belt and I was missing my blazer! oh gosh! This random person has now made me  wish to own a pair of boots like the one’s  horseback riders use… They look amazing…

If you read last night blog post you know about my accident with the “knee killer pants”, my knees now hurt WORSE! The worst feeling is when the bruise touches my pants and rubs with them when walking. I am so sad that this happened to me since I will be having a very big and important family event soon and will be wearing a dress which I can’t wait to share with you…. It is really super pretty, and I am mostly excited because I have the perfect high heels to match with it. I also have a cute jeweled headband that looks great together, I can’t wait. 



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