Cappuccino girl

DSC_3320 Today I am wearing a very casual but polished look. This sweater from Joseph A. matches perfectly with my vintage shoes from Scarpe Bis and my favorite jeans from Juicy Couture.

I always love to have a color palette in my outfits, I feel that it makes me look much more clean and polished. In this case I decided to do neutrals, I have some tan, white, black and light brown included in my outfit and they look perfect together, like a “cappuccino” someone told me. I laughed when receiving that comment since it is kind of true, I do look like a cappuccino, who would have thought!


What I most like about this outfit are my shoes, they are so unique and different. I bought them a while back when visiting the wonderful and amazing Rome in summer. We were strolling by the small roads and many small boutiques stood up to me, my family and I decided to enter a very curious looking boutique  selling all things leather. We got into the shop and we were exposed to the smell of brand new leather and elegance. They sold many things like bags, wallets, keychains, and shoes. While I walked through the store, hiding my excitement and trying to look normal I  saw this pair of shoes which took my breath away, literally. I always get so excited with shoes. I adored this pair of shoes, I loved the small heavy/chunky heel they had and the chain up front, they were calling out my name.

DSC_3319I struggled a bit with the sizes and finding out my european size. I am a size 6.5 and a  37 would be my european size, but they only had a 6, which was 36. I decided to take a chance and try the size 37 out. What I will tell you might sound funny, but maybe some of you will understand me,  maybe you have experience this before.When getting the shoes out of the box I was literally trembling, I was thinking they wouldn’t fit, and that I wouldn’t take them  home. I was so nervous and I even struggled to put them on, once I managed to get  them on, they fit right, just a bit to loose, I was confused but oh well. I had a new pair of fabulous shoes that didn’t fit me just right, but once I put some foot insoles in them to make them tighter they would fit perfect. 



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