Cappuccino girl

DSC_3320 Today I am wearing a very casual but polished look. This sweater from Joseph A. matches perfectly with my vintage shoes from Scarpe Bis and my favorite jeans from Juicy Couture.

I always love to have a color palette in my outfits, I feel that it makes me look much more clean and polished. In this case I decided to do neutrals, I have some tan, white, black and light brown included in my outfit and they look perfect together, like a “cappuccino” someone told me. I laughed when receiving that comment since it is kind of true, I do look like a cappuccino, who would have thought!


What I most like about this outfit are my shoes, they are so unique and different. I bought them a while back when visiting the wonderful and amazing Rome in summer. We were strolling by the small roads and many small boutiques stood up to me, my family and I decided to enter a very curious looking boutique  selling all things leather. We got into the shop and we were exposed to the smell of brand new leather and elegance. They sold many things like bags, wallets, keychains, and shoes. While I walked through the store, hiding my excitement and trying to look normal I  saw this pair of shoes which took my breath away, literally. I always get so excited with shoes. I adored this pair of shoes, I loved the small heavy/chunky heel they had and the chain up front, they were calling out my name.

DSC_3319I struggled a bit with the sizes and finding out my european size. I am a size 6.5 and a  37 would be my european size, but they only had a 6, which was 36. I decided to take a chance and try the size 37 out. What I will tell you might sound funny, but maybe some of you will understand me,  maybe you have experience this before.When getting the shoes out of the box I was literally trembling, I was thinking they wouldn’t fit, and that I wouldn’t take them  home. I was so nervous and I even struggled to put them on, once I managed to get  them on, they fit right, just a bit to loose, I was confused but oh well. I had a new pair of fabulous shoes that didn’t fit me just right, but once I put some foot insoles in them to make them tighter they would fit perfect. 


JEANS. I will always love you

DSC_7416 DSC_7161   DSC_7159DSC_5269


1. They give you a casual/clean look.

2. They are so durable and can be your bestfriend forever,

3. They go with everything

4. Many styles

5. You cane easily patch them , or even wear them with holes.


Who doesn’t own a pair of jeans. They are one of the greatest inventions ever made. In 1873 the masters of Jacob David and Levi Strauss invented jeans especially for cowboys and miners but later on teenagers started using them and like always, a new trend started. A new casual pant was available for men, women, kids, toddlers, teens for anyone, besides being a pant for everyday it is also some’s people working pants. Jeans have been modified and invented during the years, like for example,  men’s jeans had the zipper down the front and women’s jeans had the zipper on the left side.

james-dean-iconi-rebel-without-a-cause-FTS-1.29.12-intro1DSC_7545James Dean made jeans popular in the movie Rebels Without a Cause, he wore them because they made him rebellious , they were banned in many public places, but later on of course they became very popular in the United States and shortly around the world. Jeans have been changing during the last few years and almost everyone in the world has been part of this.  First came in  the colored jeans, pink, orange, green, red, everyone love’s them and wishes to own a pair. Then printed jeans came along and a new trend was created. I think it is quite interesting how simple/classic things are being reinvented and how people really enjoy being part of it. I am a jean’s fan, I wear them almost everyday and I love having options on different styles.

On my outfit today:

Today, once again I am wearing jeans. I layered a long white shirt and over it wore a very cool flouncy light blue sweater. Also I wore a leopard print scarf in order to make my outfit POP!

Jeans: J Brand

Boots: Michael Kors

Sweater: Rubbish

Shirt: H&M

Scarf: Vintage

DSC_5297 DSC_5299 DSC_5300

Feeling guilty after shopping… (How not to feel it)

Have you ever gone online just to browse what stores have in and learn about a new deal. Deals worth taking advantage of, for example, buying one getting two free… As soon as seeing that deal you begin your search over the many clothes included in the promotion and start filling your shopping cart to the point it will soon overflow. This just happened to me last night when browsing http://www.saksoff5th.com/ . It was no trouble finding things  I liked and eventually buying them. If you are in the look for something and  want two get two other free pieces, you might as well go and check it out.  They have brand such as Moschino, Zac Posen, Fendi, Tibi, Rebbeca Minkoff, Badgley Mischka, and such. After buying some things I felt guilty, but this always happens.. What made me feel better is that I got free things, and most of all I really love them.


One of my rules when taking advantage of this type of promotions is to always love and adore what I am buying.

My second rule I like to set in mind when shopping this type of deals is to always buy something unusual that I wouldn’t normally buy.

Third rule is to never buy something that is not your size only because it is at a GREAT price, you will never wear it. Believe me. Leave it to someone that will fit in it perfectly.

Fourth rule is to set a limit on what you are buying.

Tip: If you have been looking for a more expensive piece, such as a leather jacket, an expensive pair of shoes or a gown go ahead and take advantage of sales for this type of clothes.

Here are some of the things I loved, some I bought and some I didn’t..

Screen shot 2014-03-15 at 12.03.40 PM Screen shot 2014-03-15 at 12.01.26 PMScreen shot 2014-03-15 at 12.05.11 PM Screen shot 2014-03-15 at 12.06.28 PM


My “horse back riding” outfit…


Finally it is Friday, time to have FUN

Today I decided to wear a very neutral looking outfit. I wore this super cool brown pants that have pleated sides to them all the way down. I bought them a few months ago when shopping with my mother. They look super modern but at the same time very classic and I can wear them with almost anything. I am also wearing Michael Kors boots that I have had since forever  (about 5 years ago) and a Ralph Lauren white shirt that is so versatile! I love it because it doesn’t need ironing! It is always wrinkle free and ready to wear!  Besides it can be dressed up to look formal but I can also make it super casual like I did today….


For accessories I wore a gold necklace along with my usual name and tiffany necklace, also two bracelets and my same Victorinox watch. I am also wearing two bangle bracelets with snake texture, they are so different and curious. They were my mother’s and she gave them to me. I love this types of gifts from my mom, I love them because I feel they are so unique and no one really owns them besides me…. My outfit today emerged unexpected questions from many. I was asked if I was going horseback riding… I was totally shocked and laughed while admitting I wasn’t going horseback riding, it was more like car riding. hahaha… I took that comment actually as a compliment because I love how horseback riders dress. They always look so formal and polished, super chic. That person who asked me if I was going horseback riding probably thought that I was a very informal horse back rider, my shirt wasn’t tucked in, I had no belt and I was missing my blazer! oh gosh! This random person has now made me  wish to own a pair of boots like the one’s  horseback riders use… They look amazing…

If you read last night blog post you know about my accident with the “knee killer pants”, my knees now hurt WORSE! The worst feeling is when the bruise touches my pants and rubs with them when walking. I am so sad that this happened to me since I will be having a very big and important family event soon and will be wearing a dress which I can’t wait to share with you…. It is really super pretty, and I am mostly excited because I have the perfect high heels to match with it. I also have a cute jeweled headband that looks great together, I can’t wait. 


Knee killer pants. Literally

1011045_10203183514691304_1644201204_n 1975278_10203183513331270_1111622369_n

Today, I finally decided to wear this cool printed pants out for the first time. I had bought them two years ago when visiting Rome and never wore them because of the length. I am short and these pants didn’t fit just right, I refused to get them tailored, but now I am just regretting that.  As soon as I set my foot into the pavement I violently stumbled . Of course I quickly stood up again making sure no one had seen me.  So, that is when I take a step again and fall down once again! WHY ON EARTH DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME!


These killer pants left a huge bruise on my left knee and now it hurt’s so bad to run or even walk. I knew I couldn’t be suffering like this for the whole day until I got home, so I tried tucking in the pants into my shoes, but that looked ridiculous and didn’t work like I had imagined they would. Thats when I finally got the idea and tie up the sides of the pants into a knot and get into the character of aladdin. So thats what I did, I was aladdin for the day. What mostly bothered me was a guy walking behind of me and after seeing everything occur, he just tells me I should “cut them off”. 


I mean WHAT! Why would I cut them out! They are so pretty, I accept that I am not so sure if I will be wearing them soon, I don’t want this to happen again…. I also have to admit that during the day I remembered this incident and laughed by myself, it had been a long time since something like this happened to me… Now if someone asks me what has been the most embarrassing day of my life, this would be it.  

Is fashion a trend?

Some individuals don’t know the difference between fashion and style. I like to think that everyone is stylish, (of course), in their own way. Style is a way of doing something repeatedly in the same manner, it’s want makes a person distinct and different from the others. Fashion on the other hand is just a trend, just like peplum, gladiator sandals, flower crowns and such. Most of the times, runways are in charge of setting this type of trends, making them popular enough in order for many to wear. In my opinion, some people don’t like to follow fashion, they just like to follow their own style and thats a great thing to do. If you are like me you are this way, you just wear what you like. For example, wearing a maxi dress doesn’t fit me and so I don’t wear them. It’s not that I don’t like them, but I  think that they don’t fit ME! (I wish they did) This is why I think the actual concept of fashion is a trend.  Fashion comes and goes during the seasons. Right now I could say that the sixties are defining the word “fashion”. High waisted skirts, turtle necks, pencil skirts, tweed, preppy jackets/blazers unusual flash patterns are representing fashion, this is all because they were  present in Fashion Week last February. All of this trends will then be replaced by other unexpected trends we don’t know about, and so the word “fashion” will no longer mean high waisted shorts, tweed or unusual patterns.

Here is what I mean on this seasons “fashion’s” meaning.


Matthew Williamson                                       Burberry

Fall 2014 RTW Paris pfw chanel Karl Lagerfeld grocery kendall jenner www.julesfashion.com jules fashion blog julesfashion  8


How couldn’t I include some pictures of my own outfits wearing some of this “fashion”, such as statement necklaces, and printed jackets..

Screen shot 2014-03-12 at 5.59.53 PMScreen shot 2014-03-12 at 6.02.06 PM