Knee killer pants. Literally

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Today, I finally decided to wear this cool printed pants out for the first time. I had bought them two years ago when visiting Rome and never wore them because of the length. I am short and these pants didn’t fit just right, I refused to get them tailored, but now I am just regretting that.  As soon as I set my foot into the pavement I violently stumbled . Of course I quickly stood up again making sure no one had seen me.  So, that is when I take a step again and fall down once again! WHY ON EARTH DOES THIS HAPPEN TO ME!


These killer pants left a huge bruise on my left knee and now it hurt’s so bad to run or even walk. I knew I couldn’t be suffering like this for the whole day until I got home, so I tried tucking in the pants into my shoes, but that looked ridiculous and didn’t work like I had imagined they would. Thats when I finally got the idea and tie up the sides of the pants into a knot and get into the character of aladdin. So thats what I did, I was aladdin for the day. What mostly bothered me was a guy walking behind of me and after seeing everything occur, he just tells me I should “cut them off”. 


I mean WHAT! Why would I cut them out! They are so pretty, I accept that I am not so sure if I will be wearing them soon, I don’t want this to happen again…. I also have to admit that during the day I remembered this incident and laughed by myself, it had been a long time since something like this happened to me… Now if someone asks me what has been the most embarrassing day of my life, this would be it.